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Project 365 Day 6 https://dawnrogersphoto.com/blog/2015/1/project-365-day-6 I am thrilled with today's photos!  For my project, I decided to take my camera to my weekly tennis clinic.  I enjoyed spending time by myself afterwards on an empty court trying different scenes with my racket.  Here are my two favorite shots.  I hope all my tennis friends like them!


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Project 365 Day 5 https://dawnrogersphoto.com/blog/2015/1/project-365-day-5 The first Monday after New Year's is a glorious day because we all get back to routines!  The kids went back to school, I went for a run and worked on de-Christmassing the house, and the kids had sports practice.  Gymnastics for my daughter, and tennis for my son.  So the photo today is from gymnastics.  It was a busy night there, and our gym has a separate space for observation, so I took pictures through the glass windows this time.  However, I love this image of my daughter in releve on the beam!

I'm looking forward to trying this again sometime when I can get in the gym with her and pose it!  Thanks for visiting, and feel free to leave a comment!

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Project 365 Day 4 https://dawnrogersphoto.com/blog/2015/1/project-365-day-4 ​While spending time outside with my daughter and her playdate, I saw the sky turning into a glorious sunset.  We have very many trees around our house, so it's hard to get a great view of the sky.  But I got this lovely shot above my neighbor's roof!

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Project 365 Day 3 https://dawnrogersphoto.com/blog/2015/1/project-365-day-3 What an electrifying day I had!  I'm in Charlotte, NC, and a big fan of our Carolina Panthers.  They played in an Wildcard Playoff game at home today, and I was lucky enough to go!  It was an exciting game, and we beat the Arizona Cardinals 27-16!  So today's pictures are from my iPhone at the game...


Cookie cake at our tailgateCookie cake at our tailgate

Cookie Cake at our tailgate

Pounding the drum entering the stadium

Pounding the drum entering the stadium

National Anthem

National Anthem excitement

My husband and I as the game was starting

My husband and I excited for the game to start

Screen shot of Greg Olsen ceremoniously pounding the drum on the field before the game

The awesome Greg Olsen ceremoniously pounding the drum before the game

Celebrating Luke Kuechly and Greg Olsen

Celebrating Luke Kuechly and Greg Olsen

My daughter's teacher is a TopCat (Panthers Cheerleader)!

My daughter's teacher is a TopCat (Panthers cheerleader), the brunette!

Fun with my husband and parents!

Having fun with my husband and parents

"Sweet Caroline!" - James Taylor

Fireworks and Cam Newton celebrating the win!

Celebrating the win with fireworks and Cam!

Cam walking to meet with his post game interviewers

Cam Newton on his way to post game interviews

My mom took this shot of me while I was at the fence after game giving high fives to the players!

My mom took this shot of me while giving high fives to the players after the game!


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Project 365 Day 2 https://dawnrogersphoto.com/blog/2015/1/project-365-day-2 Cheers to Day 2!  It was a quite day at my house with gloomy weather.  My kids and I did get outside for a short walk and playtime with our dog, Cooper.  He looooves his tennis ball!

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Project 365 Day 1 https://dawnrogersphoto.com/blog/2015/1/project-365-day-1 Well, here we go.  I decided to tackle the Project 365.  The idea is to not only take, but also post a photo every single day.  Now where to post them?  Oh, that means I should finally start a blog!  I've thought about blogging so often, but it's the writing that daunts me.  So there might not be much of that after today.  I do love the idea of this project.  Although I take pictures almost every day, this would make me whip out my camera for the mundane, which is really a big point of it anyway.  We need to document everything in life, not just the extra interesting parts or events.  And maybe this will get me posting about my sessions as well!  Another point in this project is to improve.  It was exciting to see how much I grew in my first full year in business.  I'm interested to see what growth 2015 brings!  So make sure to check back often to see what I'm up to in my little corner of the wold.  The posts could include one shot of daily life, maybe an iPhone shot of something interesting while running, family adventures/travel, or a session I photographed that day. Enjoy!

PROJECT 365 - There is beauty in everyday...

Today's photos are from a New Year's Day party at a neighbor's house.  It was a casual affair with awesome chili and football.  Perfect.  I took my camera to get some pics at the party for this project, but ended up taking some of my friend/neighbor's beautiful daughter Elaine.  We got into a conversation about photography and how to get bokeh (background blur).  I took these of her in the kitchen while explaining it.  I really enjoyed sharing knowledge with her.  And I'm looking forward to getting out for a portrait session with this beauty one day!


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